About Us

We all have heard that first impression is the last impression. Our looks & our face have the most important role to play when it is about making an impression. Whether it is a stranger or someone who we already know, the first thing we notice is the face. Our appearance is the determinant of our self-esteem to a large extent. Not everyone is born beautiful but it can be obtained through treating and meeting your skin needs.

Like they say, knowing is beautiful and beauty is confidence. Build up your confidence by being beautiful and know what those skin friendly things are because the last thing you want to do is damage your skin.

Being aesthetician for years I have tested many products and brands for meeting the different skin needs of clients but nothing could satiate what I was looking for i.e. a total solution for skin care which can give visible results in short span of time. Everything fell short on it. That was when I created Xio Skincare, a brand that has made me proud and is really effective on skin care issues, not to mention it fulfilled my requirements also.

Some are born with beautiful skin, some are not. Those who have it, have to maintain it as well as those who are trying hard already. But that is not enough. In addition to ageing factor, our skin gets dull and lifeless with everyday dust and pollution which sticks on to the skin and clogs the pores resulting in blackheads, acne etc. Our lifestyle, sleeping and eating habits, everything has direct or indirect impact on our skin and appearance.

To counter all these issues we need something which is a mix of cosmetics and pharmaceutical as cosmetics alone won’t do the wonders. There are many beauty issues we encounter on daily basis such as acne, fine lines, discoloration, age spots, skin texture etc. These issues need special skin care to restore and regenerate your skin from deep below the surface for that ever lasting effect. Our skin starts ageing even before we know it, and alien particles entering into our skin through dust and pollution worsen the condition. Hygiene and face wash are indispensable but we need something extra to counteract the issue. This is when beauty care and skin care products come to play their role.

Xio Skincare products give you visible results in short period of time due to their active ingredients formula and rectify skin issues at a deeper level. These products are applied topically and give benefits for skin from deep inside. Xio Skincare cosmeceutical products contain active ingredients in perfect concentration so that they are absorbed deeply into the dermal layer of skin and give you a stunning radiant skin. So sit back and let Xio Skincare products do the wonders for you.